It’s time to STOP searching all over the internet for the perfect plugins

to add common features and functions to your WordPress website.

Get a comprehensive list of the essential plugins your business website and blog need.

I’ve put them all together in a nice little package for you…

  • Plugin Basics – to give you guidelines on how to use and choose your plugins to keep your website safe and functioning properly.
  • Essential Business & Blog Plugins Listed by Category – so you can easily find what you need to enhance the features, functions and safety of your site, from SEO to Testimonials to Social Media Sharing, and even Website Security & Backups.
  • A Theme Recommendation that Eliminates the Need for Excessive Plugins – it’s important to keep your plugin count down to reduce the risk of your site malfunctioning and hackers slipping through the cracks. So this recommended theme comes with built-in features and functions so that you don’t have to install additional plugins to benefit from them.

Here’s What’s Included:

“ALEXIS! I LOVE YOU! Already worth the price to use the “Coming Soon” plugin you recommended! Now my site no longer makes me cringe and feel the “what if  someone is looking?!!!” PRESSURE! *BIG sigh of relief.”


Laura J. Novak
Healing Arts Practitioner

You get to benefit from my years of experience where I have created and/or managed numerous business websites, as well as helped to build and run several Passionpreneur businesses as a former Techie VA and Web Designer.
Since 2012 I’ve worked with multiple Passionpreneurs helping to build and run their online businesses from behind the scenes.
Now, I’ll teach you everything I know to empower you to create and run your own business website.
I’m adamant about teaching how to do things the most easily and affordably, so that you don’t have to suffer from overwhelm or break the bank just to get started with your business website.
I also believe it’s important to know how to do things effectively, so that you’re actually getting the results that you want instead of wasting your time on things that don’t actually work.
And it’s imperative to do business authentically so that you can truly express who you are in your business without compromising your personality or values.

Why Choose Me to Teach You

  • Work with someone who is genuinely passionate about YOUR passion and success.
  • Learn from someone who is adamant about making technology easy and affordable.
  • Benefit from my natural ability to see things from the client/customer/visitor perspective.

Why I Do This

I’m passionate about people SHOWING UP in the world to do what they were meant to do and live the lives they were meant to live. For many of us, this includes online business and what I like to call Passionpreneurship. The technical and strategic aspects of these ventures should NOT hold us back from making a difference and achieving greatness.
This is why I’m also passionate about MAKING TECHNOLOGY DOABLE, so that we can remove the blocks that may be holding you back from doing your important work in the world.
I created this plugins guide for this very reason, to make it easy for you to get the essential business and blog plugins in one place to enhance the features, functions and safety of your site, so that you have what you need to move forward with your business website.
Questions? Email me at [email protected] I’m happy to help!

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