I have a soft spot for beginners because I know how hard it is to tackle the beast that is tech in order to do the things you want to do in the world. And in my dealings with beginners who are navigating the world of WordPress, I often hear things like…

  • What is the difference between widgets and plugins?
  • I’m confused about plugins and widgets, what do they do?
  • Do I need to add widgets or plugins to my site to add this specific functionality?

So today, we are going to answer these questions and more.

Below is a brand new video tutorial where you will learn:

  • The major function of WordPress widgets
  • How to add widgets to your sidebar and footer
  • How to move widgets from your sidebar to your footer and vice versa
  • Where your sidebar and footer area are located on your site
  • The major functions of WordPress plugins
  • Several examples of different plugins and how they can enhance your site
  • How to add more widgets to your site to enhance your sidebar and footer

Click below to watch the video tutorial.

Share Your Thoughts In the Comments Below:

What did you learn from the video tutorial?

What other video tutorials would you like to see on my blog?

What other questions do you have about plugins and widgets?


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