Getting Started With

A Website Redesign

Step 1: Access Your Client Portal + Share Your Log-in Info

As a client of mine, you get your own Client Portal. This is where you will find your signed contract, proposal, and invoice, as well as any other forms you need to fill out.

Let’s take a tour of your Client Portal so you can become familiar with it and get started with the necessary forms.

Take a Tour of Your Client Portal

Step 2: Get to Know Dropbox (File Sharing)

In order to easily share documents, photos, videos, etc. we will be using Dropbox.

Dropbox is a great digital file storage and sharing tool. I’ve been using it for years to easily share things digitally, but I also use it to store ALL of my computer files.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for an email from Dropbox regarding a shared folder from me. I’ll be creating a shared folder for us so you can easily add any documents, photos, videos, etc. to that folder and I’ll automatically receive it on my end. We’ll both be able to edit and add things in the folder as we use it. And it will be labeled and organized accordingly so that we’ll both know where everything goes and can easily find things whenever we’re in there.