Getting Started

What To Expect

There’s a lot to do on both ends. So we are going to tackle this in small chunks to make this process run as smooth as possible.

First things first, if you haven’t already, check out my web design process so you can be familiar with the different phases we will go through and what to expect in each.

Next, here is the step-by-step process I created to get this party started. Let’s go! laughing

Step 1: Purchase Necessary Website Tools

There are 3 foundational tools you will need to have in place for me to get started on your website.

Use the links and accompanying videos below to purchase my recommended tools for your business website.


Purchase Your Domain Name

I use and recommend NameCheap because they have the best domain prices and you get WhoisGuard for free to protect your personal information from spammers and hackers.

Watch the video for instructions on purchasing.

Need help choosing a domain name? Click here for my tips.


Purchase Your Hosting

I use and recommend Siteground for website hosting because they have the best Managed WordPress Hosting prices, excellent customer services/technical support, and amazing features that supercharge your website performance and security.

Watch the video for instructions on purchasing.

Need more info on Siteground’s annual pricing? Click here for the details.


Purchase Divi

I use and recommend Divi because it’s powerful. It gives me so many options to design and customize your site as a designer. And it makes it easy for you to edit and update your site as you need to.

Watch the video for instructions on purchasing.

Step 2: Access Your Client Portal + Share Your Log-in Info

As a client of mine, you get your own Client Portal. This is where you will find your signed contract, proposal, and invoice, as well as any other forms you need to fill out (i.e. the Website Strategy Questionnaire and sharing your log-in info).

Let’s take a tour of your Client Portal so you can become familiar with it and get started with the necessary forms.

Take a Tour of Your Client Portal

Step 3: Complete the Website Strategy Questionnaire

As you saw in the Client Portal video, your Website Strategy Questionnaire is in there for you as well.

I made this a separate step in case you needed to take a breather before moving on to the next thing. wink

This questionnaire will give me the direction and information I need to design your site according to your vision, style, and business needs. So don’t hold back.

If I have any additional questions after receiving it, I will be in touch. 

Step 4: Get to Know Basecamp (Project Management)

You may have noticed, the Client Portal houses all of your “getting started” documents and tasks.

But as we work together throughout the entirety of the project, we will be using a powerful project management tool called Basecamp.

In Basecamp, we will be able to keep track of our project with to-do lists and due dates.

We’ll also be able to easily communicate about every aspect of the project in an organized way by keeping all project-based conversations in one place instead of in an endless sea of email inbox threads. (Don’t worry you can still use your email. The messages will post directly to basecamp!)

And we’ll be able to share necessary files and documents to be added to your site like page content and images, your logo, etc. (up to 50 images – see below for an alternative).

You will receive an email to set up your Basecamp profile. Once you log in, you’ll see a Welcome video from me giving you a tour of the place so you’ll know what to expect.

Step 5: Get to Know Dropbox (Extensive File Sharing)

If you have 50+ images, videos, content, or other media that may take up a lot of storage space, we will be using Dropbox.

Dropbox is a great digital file storage and sharing tool that I’ve been using for years for ALL the files I use regularly and store on my computer. It also makes it easy to share any amount of documents, images, videos, etc. with anyone.

In order to easily share all of your website content in large quantities, I will share a Dropbox folder with you via email so that you can add your content there. It will be labeled accordingly so that we can stay organized and know where everything goes.

If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, sign up here and get 500 MB of bonus storage space with my referral link.