Josh Hall Web Design Business Course Review

Josh Hall Web Design Business Course

If you’re an established or aspiring web designer, I highly recommend Josh Hall’s Web Design Business Course!! You won’t be disappointed.

I originally found out about Josh because I was searching for a web designer contract template. Josh has a ton of free downloads, YouTube tutorials, and a podcast which are all top-notch. My initial search for a template led me to his free Facebook group for Divi web designers, which then led me to his website and courses … and what a goldmine I landed on!

Josh is an excellent teacher. He does a great job of explaining the details so that it’s easy to understand the steps you need to take to build a successful web design business along his model. The “extras” which go along with the online course go ABOVE AND BEYOND what you’d expect—giving you way more than you could have ever hoped for.

Basically, this course includes access to everything you need (and need to know) to set up and run a web design company efficiently. It includes 25+ hours of video training, written notes for all the modules, and the exact scripts, checklists, and templates he developed while building InTransit studios (his web design agency) into a 6-figure business.

Literally, no one should start a web design business without going through Josh’s course. You will leave so incredibly equipped to start (and even scale) your business. Because this particular online course is about web design as a business (and not about graphic design or CSS) it’s not WordPress or Divi-specific. Even if you’re not a WordPress designer/developer, the systems he teaches in this course will help you to streamline your processes (and get better clients, too!)

I landed my first e-commerce client charging more than I’ve ever charged for a website before, all thanks to the course material and Josh’s help in the support forum. (Josh’s students also get lifetime access to Student Center, where you can ask Josh questions directly and chat with current and past students of the course.)

I never would have had the confidence or wherewithal to charge what I did without the backup of the “hidden pages” I had in place, the complete lead generation/client intake system, the contract, proposal, and email templates, etc., and the added encouragement and advice he has given me.

Every single part of what he’s offered in this course has helped me launch my business AND work with clients with confidence. I couldn’t be more grateful!!

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