Biz Website Quick Start Guide

Biz Website Quick Start Guide Mini E-course


Designed to get your business website up and running in no time.

Learn AND create simultaneously while you setup your domain, hosting, and WordPress site. You’ll also learn to install and customize a super flexible theme, with an easy drag and drop builder that offers infinite design potential.

Get Paid with PayPal

Get Paid with PayPal Ebook Tutorial


Designed to get you paid easily and effortlessly from your WordPress website.

Learn how to setup a FREE business account in PapPal, send out invoices, setup “Buy Now” buttons, setup recurring payments and more.

Business Website Essential Plugins

Business Website Essential Plugins Guide


Designed to give you a comprehensive list of essential WordPress plugins for your business needs.

Add security, social sharing, SEO, fonts, contact forms, and much more to enhance the functions and features of your website.