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The Client

Andre Towner of Aya Solutions needed a new website to promote his consulting services. He has a rich family history of ancestors who not only survived slavery but also fought through discrimination and oppression 3 different times for the rights to their own land, which they ultimately used for sharecropping and community empowerment.

This rich history inspired and excited me to work with him. It also fuels his business today as he works with churches, nonprofits, companies, government agencies, and food justice advocates to ensure food sovereignty and security in black and brown communities.

The Results

Launched in February of 2024, The Aya Solutions website is a modern, professional, and compelling platform that allows Andre to conveniently promote his consulting services as it guides people to easily book a consultation.

The imagery used ensures it also has an organic feel while celebrating black and brown people and cultures.

Since the site’s launch, Andre has written articles in multiple media publications where his business was featured and his website was linked. This has turned his previous “cringe when thinking of people visiting the previous website” into pride as he knows this is driving traffic to it.

Aya Solutions

Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense & Education Fund

The Client

The Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense and Education Fund (MBELDEF) fights for the law and policy that helps minority business enterprises (MBEs) and minority entrepreneurs grow and succeed (and has been doing so pro bono for the past 20 years).

In an effort to relaunch their organization, their goal was to start fundraising at a larger scale. So they needed a website that would properly display their historical impact and help them reach their ideal donors and supporters.

The Results

In August of 2023, we launched the new MBELDEF website, which helped them raise over $1,100 within the first 3 days after launch and over $7,000 in the first 5 weeks, aiding in the relaunch of their organization.

Their new website is bold and modern while still focusing on the seriousness of the work they do. It carefully mixes a tone of activism with their law practice and emphasizes the impact of the important work they do for minority-owned businesses nationwide.

The Client

The Center for Jewish Ethics at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, along with numerous research fellows and senior advisors, produced 10 cutting-edge research projects on Jewish ethics, history, racism, sociology, and the multiracial, multicultural heritage of the Jewish people and developed curricula to bring this research to adults, youths, and families.

Those curricula needed a central, public location to offer self-guided learning for adults and youth in higher education, religious communities, schools, camps, etc. to be able to freely access.

The Results

Launched in March of 2023, The Race, Religion & American Judaism website is a vibrant and engaging platform that offers access to all 10 projects, each including in-depth scholar-led research videos, downloadable curriculum PDFs, and links to additional relevant resources for more learning.

This important piece of work is featured and linked on the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College website as a critical resource for studying and growth. As visitors access the projects, they can conveniently dive deep into each one as needed, and then easily move between them for continued learning, creating a great user experience.

Race, Religion & American Judaism

Together Against Hunger

The Client

Action Against Hunger, a global nonprofit fighting against worldwide hunger, hosted an event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in October of 2022 to connect doers, activists, philanthropists, and lawmakers to reinforce the urgency and ignite action to end hunger.

The event, Together Against Hunger, needed a website to communicate the event details, capture event attendees’ interest, and further spread the word about the movement.

The Results

After starting as a landing page and then officially launching in July of 2022, The Together Against Hunger website offered an engaging and compelling hub where event attendees could:

  • Sign up to register to attend in-person or virtual
  • Find extensive speaker bios
  • Read the detailed agenda that included a 2-day, multi-session schedule
  • Get in-person and virtual livestream logistics
  • Access additional resources and ways to stay connected for future and ongoing action.

After the event, the site continues to offer the convenience of watching full-session video recordings to further promote the message and movement.

The Client

*This site was designed through a subcontracting partnership (site designed by Alexis T. Myers for a NorthMac Services client).

Heritage Building Co. is a premium storage shed building company that previously had a DIY website and was in need of an upgrade that more accurately depicted the premium product and service they offer.

The Results

Launched in the spring of 2021, The Heritage Building Co. website boasts a bold, clean, modern professional upgrade that effectively organizes and highlights their premium shed styles, series, and packages. This, in turn, properly displays their quality workmanship and products in an effort to appeal to their customers and compel them to take action.

The website also offers all the information and functionality a customer would need to design their own shed, get delivery and warranty information, find a dealer, and more.

Heritage Building Co.

JB Inspired Designs

The Client

JB Inspired Designs is a woman-owned, minority-owned local small business based in the Virgin Islands selling one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.

The jewelry designer, as the sole owner and operator, decided to take her business online in an effort to expand her reach and sell to more than just her family, friends, church members, and coworkers. 

The Results

Launched in December 2020, the JB Inspired Designs website offers an elegant, online shop with island vibes that includes e-commerce functionality that makes it easy for anyone to browse and shop the handmade jewelry.

With 6 different categories and over 130 original pieces, the website offers not only the traditional checkout, related products, and filtering functionality, but also offers seasonal/holiday promotions and discount codes to enhance the online shopping experience.

Update: In March of 2023, this site was shut down due to the owner’s personal reasons. A video of the site design is still available to view.

The Client

CyberC Security & Risk Management was started by a Cybersecurity professional looking to start her own consultancy to serve her community on her own terms.

In order to do this she needed a website to help launch her business and generate new leads.

The Results

The CyberC Security website is simple, yet sleek and modern. The 1-page site offers anchor links to guide you down the page to get the information you need. 

CyberC Security

Expert | Speaker | Leader | Consultant Template

The Client

This website template was created for experts, speakers, leaders, or consultants who need a professional website to display their services and attract new leads.

The Results

This template boasts a bold, vibrant, and rich design that allows experts, speakers, leaders, or consultants to highlight the results they can deliver and speak directly to the people they serve. It also displays their services, testimonials, and bios while allowing their leads to book a consultation.

The Client

This website template was created for coaches, healers, or counselors who need a professional website to display their services, share their blog posts, and attract new subscribers.

The Results

This template has a soft, soothing, and light design that allows coaches, healers, or counselors to highlight the results they can deliver and speak directly to the people they serve.

It also displays their services, testimonials, and bios while allowing them to nurture their audience by offering relevant blog posts and opt-in forms so visitors can subscribe to their email list.

Coach | Healer | Counselor Template

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